Skin Rejuvenation has become one of the industry’s most in demand treatments to produce younger and healthier looking skin and help combat unwanted skin conditions. Throughout this course you will gain the necessary education, highly specialised laser skills and licences to treat your clients skin concerns like pigmentation, premature ageing, enlarged pores, freckles, sunspots, age spots, rosacea and general flushing/redness.
Under the guidance of our expert Laser Educators you’ll be hands on in our purpose built medi-clinic logging the required practical hours to become licensed and confident in skin rejuvenation treatments.

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•Client preparation, pre and post treatment care
•Client consultation and treatment planning
•Laser Safety and machine maintenance
•Training in a in real-life clinic environment
•Photo-rejuvenation treatments using Laser Therapies including, flushing, skin tightening and pigmentation
•Learning on Syneron Candela machinery – leading global laser company


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