While getting out of these damaging patterns is tricky, there are ways to move forward in the face of our fears and express our emotions authentically.

Instead of seeing conflict as something that’s inevitably hurtful, consider how it can be productive. Conflict can make most people feel uneasy, whether a full-blown argument or a civil confrontation. Perhaps you could suggest marking off a day each week where the two of you engage in quality time together. You could even ask if your partner would consider inviting you to the events they are going to. As long as you and your partner are committed to bettering the relationship and communicating with one another with respect, there is nearly always a path forward. For more minor problems or instances when both couples aren’t able to change, confrontation involving affection and validation showed to be most effective for resolving conflict.

Causes of conflict in a relationship

The commission said it knows of only 13 completed and 16 pending military court cases addressing sexual violence committed during the conflict. ”While the signing of the agreement may have mostly silenced the guns, it has not resolved the conflict in the north of the country, in particular in Tigray, nor has it brought about any comprehensive peace,” he said. One weekend my husband and I got into a fight over a pillowcase. It was one of those times where it was clearly his fault, and I was sure he would apologize the next day. Instead he seemed surprised that I wasn’t apologizing to him.

But I’ve also found that being a conflict avoider can be from what you didn’t see as a kid. For example, in my house growing up I never saw may parents argue. Any disagreement, no matter how small, was behind closed doors so I used to actually think my parents never fought!

Tips for Managing Conflict

Spinelli highly recommends therapy for people who tend to avoid conflict because it can help you understand why you avoid conflict and practice conflict-management techniques. If you aren’t sure where to begin, seeing a mental health counselor or a couples counselor for support may be best. It’s never too late in life to learn how to https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/how-to-approach-a-person-who-prefers-avoiding-conflicts/ develop healthier communication skills and address conflict. Although the adverse impact of conflict avoidance can be seen across all genders in relationships, its effects can be particularly upsetting for women. A 2021 study, for instance, analyzed same-sex relationships and how they managed conflict during the COVID-19 pandemic.

how to deal with someone who avoids conflict

Or maybe you begin by expressing why you haven’t mentioned your sadness over spending less time together. You could say you fear coming off as needy or high-maintenance (or whatever your fear might be), but that you still hope the two of you can work together to ensure both people are having their needs met in the relationship. Also, the ideal timing and the best language choice for addressing an issue varies from couple to couple and from issue to issue. Nevertheless, there are some best practices to keep in mind when communicating with your partner. When you are in a romantic relationship, you likely want to feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly with your partner. When this open dialogue doesn’t occur, relationship satisfaction tends to decrease.

More tips for managing and resolving conflict

As they don’t share their true thoughts and feelings, they feel more and more unsafe and can actually blame their partner for why they’re not sharing! This emotional withdrawal shows up in a number of ways, but they all equal distance in the relationship. Commit yourself to speaking up when confronted with a conflict or disagreement. Venting to friends via e-mail or posting comments online won’t do. You may feel momentary relief but these options offer little-to-no growth and often come off as passive-aggressive.

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When Dillon finally calmed down and was able to think more clearly about the situation, she acknowledged that she probably overreacted. However, she also faults the employee for making the situation worse by running away from the problem. While working at a publications company, Karen Dillon became angry when one of her top employees informed her that she probably wouldn’t be able to meet a critical deadline. Caught by surprise, Dillon “lost her cool” and started yelling at the employee.

As anyone who has been in a romantic relationship knows, disagreements and fights are inevitable. When two people spend a lot of time together, with their lives intertwined, they are bound to disagree from time to time. These disagreements can be big or small, ranging from what to eat for dinner or failing to complete a chore to arguments about whether the couple should move for one partner’s career or deciding on children’s religious upbringing. Here are 5 conflict resolution strategies that are more effective, drawn from research on negotiation and conflicts, to try out the next time you’re tempted to argue your point. There are four main things to focus on if you’re a conflict avoider or if you’re dealing with a conflict avoider at home or work.


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