“Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.”

ESTHEVA Academy has the honour of being the best school, dedicated to providing specialised training in the art, techniques and regulations of tattooing. Our mix of intense one on one training and a thorough grounding in the rules and regulations which govern the industry, have ensured we have remained one of the best choices for aspiring tattooists to quickly get started in their career.
In Estheva, we hope to give you a further insight into the industry and what it takes to make it a successful career choice. We will also talk about the school and why we believe a school based education will give you a clear head start.

You will Learn:

• The history of tattooing.
• Discuss why you want to become a tattooist.
• Talk about what you want to do with your training.
• Chat with your fellow students, and build up a co-operative atmosphere.
• The importance of sterilising and how to do it.
• About germs and bacteria.
• About hygiene protection for you and your customer.
• General health and safety tips.
• About iodine, how and where to use it.
• How to work with and obtain needles.
• Tips and grips.
• About the effects created with needle use, shadows, outlines etc.
• Short anatomy of the skin.
• Skin anomalies.
• Various skin diseases.
• The use of anaesthetics.
• The difference in machines.
• How to handle the machine.
• How to maintain the machine, and become familiar with the parts.
• How to insert needles.
• How the regulator works.
• How colours react with different skin types.
• The different types of ink available to buy.
• About colour theory.
• Grey wash.
• Disinfecting the workspace.
• Setting up the workspace.
• What to do with used needles.
• How to work with blueprint stencils.
• How to work free hand.
• About working with tattoo sheets.
• How to work with outlines and bloodlines.
• About using an ‘all in one’ printer.
• Which parts of the body, suit which type of tattoo method.
• Which parts of the body to avoid tattooing.
• How to form a natural feel for tattooing on skin.
• How to blend colours on the skin.
• About creating outlines.
• How to deal with bloodlines.
• About limiting the discomfort of the client.
• How to rest and limit burn out whilst performing a tattoo.
• General do’s and don’ts
• How to treat a tattoo after completion.
• About protecting the finished tattoo from infection.
• Which creams and ointments to advise clients to use, and for how long.
• General healing information.
• Why and how to practice daily.
• How to make photos of your work, and how to learn from them.
• Which regular activities you can do, to improve your tattooing.
• About evaluating your options.
• How to go about starting your own business.
• How to get a license.
• Your shop options, location, prices, advertising.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow and ESTHEVA Academy is the place where the “passion changes to profession.”

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