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Eating healthy can feel like a challenge, especially when it comes to
carbohydrates. With so much information out there, it can be hard to
decipher what is “Fact” versus “Fiction”

We often hear so much about how bad carbohydrates are, don’t we?

  • Carbs are the enemy!
  • Low carb diets are the go!
  • Carbs are responsible for the world wide obesity epidemic!

Well! It’s time we debunk the carbohydrate myths.

# Myth 1: Carbs make you gain weight

Truth : When eaten in the right quantities and as a part of a balanced diet,
carbohydrates will not lead to weight gain.
The real issue lies in the QUANTITY of carbs you consume at a time.
Believe it! It actually leads to weight loss.

# Myth 2: Fruits are high in sugar

Truth : Fruits contain natural sugar called “Fructose”; a complex carbohydrate
which atually takes longer time to digest in our body and releases energy
efficiently. Fructose is different than added/artificial sugars.
Additionally fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber which in turn
helps with curving hunger, weight control and improves digestive health.

# Myth 3: Low carb diets are healthier

It sounds like a simple formula for losing weight, doesn’t it?
Unfortunately, doing this is a lot more complex for your health.
Cutting out whole or minimally processed carbs leads to deficiencies of
essential nutrients and actually lead weakens the immunity. It’s better to grab on
whole grains and pulses that are packed with wholesome nutrition rather than
just cutting on carbs.

# Myth 4: All carbs are bad

Not all carbs are bad! Carbs are classified as “Simple carbs” and “Complex
carbs”. Consuming simple carbs in high amounts means consumption of empty
calories. Regular or excess intake may cause multiple health issues majorly
Obesity, Diabetes, hypertension etc. However, complex carbs are packed with
nutrients and takes longer to break down and get digested and thereby keeps
you fuller for longer duration.

# Myth 5: Sugar free = Carb free

Phew! That’s not true!
Those who believe fruits or yoghurt contain lot of sugar, but still opt for rice,
cakes and sweets in unlimited amounts!
Yoghurt and fruits contain “Allowed carbs” because there is no harm to our
metabolic pathway by it’s consumption!

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